Updated Legal Terms & Conditions

We have updated the legal Terms and Conditions for using CWKanban. Click here to review them in the knowledge base.

26th Nov 2018
About CW Kanban Licensing

CW Kanban is licensed per filtered member on your boards. Basically, to see a ticket or opportunity assigned to one member, you need a license for that member. Tickets with no assigned members can be shown without a CW Kanban license. This means no license is required for a member to simply log in and view a Kanban board. A couple of examples ... Read More »

19th Nov 2018
CWKanban Update - Nov 2018

Kanban has been updated for most of our clients with 3 highly requested features, Service level agreements Changing ticket priority Dragging tickets between member swimlanes We're still in the process of rolling out this update, so we appreciate your patience while we continue upgrading all instances. We have had a lot of positive ... Read More »

14th Nov 2018