Using TopLeft Kanban Boards

A TopLeft Kanban board displays a selection of tickets as cards in a series of columns. The cards are selected using flexible filters- for example, filtering on ticket resources, company, project, or priority- allowing you to configure a board to show almost any collection of tickets you can think of. Columns are assigned ticket statuses or opportunity stages, depending on the type of board. Columns display cards that match both the main board filters and the statuses or stages assigned to the column.

Cards are ranked with a priority; cards appearing first in a column are considered a higher priority than those at the bottom of a column. As tickets and opportunities progress through the ConnectWise workflows, the cards move from left to right through the series of columns. If a ticket becomes blocked or needs to be re-worked for any reason, it will move right to left, indicating waste.

Boards are automatically refreshed every 30 seconds to always show the most recent data.

Parts of a Kanban board

Kanban boards are made up of three parts:

  1. Menu and header
  2. Columns showing lists of cards
  3. Cards, which represent several different types of records in both PSAs. Cards are explained in their own pages:

The menu and header section allows navigation between boards, shows information about a board and applied filters and offers user profile controls.

From the above image, the parts of the header are:

  1. Board menu, offering links to each TopLeft board.
  2. Profile menu, opens the style profiles dialog.
  3. Board name and edit function. Boards can only be edited by administrators.
  4. Filter button, which opens a dialog to apply filters to a board view. Unlike the filters applied on the board editing page, these filters are temporary and are only visible to the user that selects them. The fields available are:
    • For ConnectWise ticket boards, you can filter by resource, company, project and project manager. You can also filter unassigned tickets by SLA due dates and show unassigned tickets and tickets from one technician in adjacent swimlanes.
    • For ConnectWise sales boards, you can filter by opportunity type, company, primary sales rep, and expected close date.
    • For ConnectWise project boards, you can filter by manager, team member, company and type.
    • For both Autotask ticket and task boards, you can filter by resource, account, projects, and due dates.
    • For Autotask project boards, you can filter by project lead and account.
  5. Help menu, with links to the knowledge base, customer support, service status, billing and training videos.
  6. PSA menu, to quickly create tickets, opportunities, projects and activities in your PSA. 
  7. Admin menu, more options and settings for administrators.
  8. Announcements from TopLeft
  9. User profile menu, which has links for changing your password and logging out. 

Columns display prioritized lists of cards. They can be split into horizontal rows called "swimlanes."

From the above image, the parts of a column are:

  1. Column name
  2. Number of cards in column
  3. Work in progress (WIP) limit indicator. WIP limits advise the acceptable number of tickets in a column. If the number of cards is within the acceptable range, the indicator is shown with a green background. If the number of cards is outside the WIP limits, it has a red background. WIP limits are optional.
  4. Column menu:
    1. Expand: shows a large view with only the cards in that column. This can be useful for visualizing the cards in a very large column.
    2. Show Mapped Statuses/Stages: lists the ConnectWise ticket statuses or sales stages mapped to the column
  5. Card

When there are few columns relative to the width of the browser window, columns with many tickets are given additional space and lay out cards with multiple inner columns. In this case the highest priority card is at the top-left position, followed by decreasing priority cards on the top row towards the right. The lowest-priority ticket is at the bottom-rightmost position. The priority descreases as shown in this image:

When there are too many columns to show at once given the width of the browser window, a horizontal scrollbar appears at the bottom of the window, so you can scroll to the right to see all the columns.

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