Moving Cards Between Columns

The status of a ticket or stage of an opportunity is shown by the column it's in. You can change the card status by dragging the card to a new column and dropping it at any position in that column. TopLeft saves the card's rank and also updates the status/stage in the PSA. You don't need to update data in two places- it all stays in sync.

ConnectWise Considerations

Because ConnectWise organizes tickets in a variety of service boards (their boards, not TopLeft boards), and each board has a unique list of possible ticket statuses, not all cards can be moved to every column on every TopLeft Kanban board. Before updating a ticket status, TopLeft checks to ensure there is a valid status for the ticket that is mapped to the new column.

There are three cases:

  1. There may be no statuses mapped to the column that are valid for the ticket's ConnectWise board. In this case, a message is shown that the ticket cannot be moved to that column and the ticket is returned to its original column. If you really must move the ticket to the column, you'll need to update the column status settings, or move the ticket to a different ConnectWise service board.
  2. There could be only a single status mapped to the column that is valid for the ticket. In this case, the ticket is changed to that status and column immediately.
  3. There could be more than one status mapped to the column that is valid for the ticket. In this case, a dialog displays the available statuses, and you need to select the target status. Then the card is moved and the ticket is updated in ConnectWise.
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