Using ConnectWise Priority Colours On TopLeft Tickets

Configuring Ticket Priority Colours

TopLeft shows the priority of a ticket by the colour of the bar on the left side of the card. For example, the yellow bar on this card shows that the ticket is the default ConnectWise priority 3:

There are two options for the colours of the priorities:

  1. Use a set of standard colours defined by TopLeft (the default). This is the default because the standard ConnectWise Manage colour for the default priority is yellow, and while we have nothing against yellow, a board full of yellow bars can look pretty overwhelming.
  2. Use the priority colours defined in ConnectWise setup tables. This makes the priority display consistent between ConnectWise and TopLeft. Read below for instructions on updating priority colours in ConnectWise.

The TopLeft standard colours are:

Priority 1
Priority 2
Priority 3
Priority 4
Priority 5
Other or unknown priority

To use priority colours from ConnectWise, you must have an administrator account. Follow these instructions:

  • In the main menu, click Admin, then click Options. (If you don't see the Admin menu, you're not an administrator.)
  • Find the configuration option KANBAN_CW_PRIORITY_COLOURS. Ensure the box is checked.
  • Click Save.

The priority colours from your ConnectWise setup tables will be used on the TopLeft Kanban cards.

Changing ConnectWise Priority Colours

To change the colours of ConnectWise priorities, follow these steps. You'll need an account with permission to change the relevent setup table, and you'll need to use the ConnectWise desktop client. Setup tables are not available from the ConnectWise Manage web application.

  1. In the desktop client, click the System -> Setup Tables menu.
  2. In the Table search field, type "priority", then click Search.
  3. Click the Service/Priority table. This opens the Priority List setup table, and the page lists the existing priorities and colours.
  4. To change a priority colour, click the priority name.
  5. In the Color field, select a new colour. It must be one of the standard named colours. TopLeft doesn't support custom colours.
  6. Click the Save icon.
  7. Repeat for any other priorities you wish to change.

TopLeft will not update its colours immediately. It may take up to 30 minutes to apply the change.

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