About TopLeft Licensing Plans

TopLeft has two licensing plans- Agile Team and Agile Manager. In Agile Team licensing, subscribers pay for each ConnectWise member whose cards are shown on boards, while in Agile Manager licensing, subscribers pay for each manager who can use boards (with a limit on how many members' cards can appear on boards).

The plans are exclusive. You must choose either Agile Team or Agile Manager.

This table shows the key aspects of each plan:

Licensing plan Agile Team Agile Manager
Who can use kanban boards All ConnectWise members- even those who are not licensed Licensed managers
Board types Service/Project, Sales, and Activities Service/Project
What appears as a card on kanban boards
  • Cards assigned to any licensed member
  • Unassigned tickets
  • Cards assigned to selected members- up to 10 members for every licensed manager.
  • Unassigned tickets
Embed kanban boards in ConnectWise Yes No
Minimum license purchase 3 members 1 manager

In either subscription mode, cards with no assigned members can be shown by selecting the board's "Show unassigned tickets" option. This doesn't require any license.

The list of members who are licensed can be updated at any time.

As an example of Agile Team licensing, suppose there's a ConnectWise site with four technicians: Alice, Bob, Carol, and Don. Three licenses are purchased and assigned to Alice, Bob, and Carol. No license is assigned to Don (poor Don). Boards can show unassigned cards (if configured) and cards assigned to Alice, Bob, and Carol. They can show cards assigned to both Alice and Don. However, cards assigned only to Don will not be shown, because he is not licensed. However, Don can still log in and use the kanban boards.

As an example of Agile Manager licensing, consider a site with a manager Alice and technicians Bob, Carol, and Don. One manager license is purchased and assigned to Alice. Only Alice can log in and use the kanban boards. With each manager license, tickets of up to ten members can be displayed on boards, so tickets assigned to Alice, Bob, Carol, and Don can be shown. Tickets for an additional six members could be shown, for a total of ten members. If records for more than ten members needed to be shown, an additional manager license would need to be purchased.


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