Week 12: Review Everything

Time required: 1 hour

Congratulations! You've completed the 12 Weeks to Kanban program. We hope your workflow is faster and easier than ever before, and you're ready to see the same improvement in other organization workflows.

This week review the entire process with your team:

  • Workflow statuses (week 1)
  • Configuration of your TopLeft Kanban boards (week 2)
  • Roles and the members filling the roles (week 3)
  • Process for selecting tickets to work (week 4)
  • Effectiveness of daily meeting (week 5)
  • Effectiveness of urgent ticket workflow (week 6)
  • Clarity of ticket requirements (week 7)
  • Effectiveness of unassigned ticket handling (week 8)
  • Handling of real-time support requests (week 9)
  • WIP limits (week 10)
  • Neglected work thresholds (week 11)

Make changes to your processes as necessary. Remember to update your process documentation.

You should review your processes periodically. But don't limit opportunities for review and improvement to scheduled meetings- improve continuously by making changes as soon as a valuable improvement is identified.

Repeat this process for another company workflow, one that involves additional team members that weren't part of this initial project. This time through, accelerate and adapt the process as you see fit.

We welcome your feedback on the 12 Weeks to Kanban program. What was most helpful? What parts were unhelpful, and how could they be improved? Send your feedback to help@topleft.team.

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