Managing Users in TopLeft

Users in TopLeft are taken from your PSA user database. For this reason, TopLeft doesn't offer tools for adding, updating, and removing user accounts.

Basic User Management

To create a user in TopLeft, create the account in your PSA and ensure the person logs into the PSA at least once.

To disable a user in TopLeft, disable the account in your PSA. The account will be disabled in TopLeft. A TopLeft account is not reactivated automatically if the PSA account is reactivated. To reactivate a user, follow the instructions in the knowledgebase.

To remove the ability for the user to use Kanban boards, you can remove the user's license.

Reviewing TopLeft User Activity

You can review basic information about how your members are using TopLeft. To view this information, click Admin in the main menu, then under Users click Users.

This page shows information about each account:

  1. Name
  2. Username
  3. The date and time when the user last viewed a TopLeft board
  4. Whether or not the user has activated 2FA
  5. For ConnectWise mode, if the user has provided member API keys.

You can also send or re-send each user an invitation to TopLeft.


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