Licensing and User Access

When you signed up for TopLeft you chose how many licenses to buy. Now you need to assign those licenses to specific users of your PSA.

Trial customers need to select licensed members because licensing acts as access control. Trial customers have unlimited licenses.

You can change the licensed users at any time. You can also upgrade or downgrade the number of licenses.

Licensing affects two areas:

  1. Which users can view and use Kanban boards. To view or interact with a board, a user must be licensed.
  2. Which work is shown on the Kanban boards. To appear on a board, work (a ticket, task, project, etc.) must be either assigned to a licensed user, or unassigned.

Selecting Licensed Users

To manage licensed users, do the following:

  1. Log into your TopLeft application as an administrator.
  2. Click Admin in the main menu.
  3. Under Subscription, click Licensing.
  4. To license a user, click his or her name in the Available list. It will move to the Selected list. To remove a licensed user, click his or her name in the Selected column.
  5. To send an email invitation to newly-selected users, select "Send email invitations". This invites the user and sends them a series of email messages about how to make best use of TopLeft. If you don't send users invitations now, you can send the invitations from the Users page later.
  6. Click Save.

Unlicensed Users

Users in your PSA who are not licensed can still log in to TopLeft, but cannot view or interact with Kanban boards.


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