Managing your Subscription

You can change your subscription licenses or plans by following these steps. You need to be an administrator in TopLeft and have access to the email address used to subscribe.

If you're subscribing after a free trial, enter your payment info before changing your plan. If you change your plan first, without entering a payment method, you'll get an error about having no payment method.

  1. As an administrator, click Admin in the main menu. Under Subscription, click Licensing.
  2. Click the Manage Subscription button.
  3. Enter the email address used when subscribing and click Continue. We will send a one-time code to this email address.
  4. Get the one-time code from the email, enter it in the form, and click Login.
  5. The subscription management tool appears. You can upgrade or downgrade licenses, change your plan, change payment frequency and method, download invoices, change account details and cancel your subscription.

When you change your subscription, we will reconfigure your application with the new information within one business day (but typically much faster).


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