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Time entry is available in Standard plan.

TopLeft can help create time entries for tickets shown on boards. To show the time entry dialog, click the ellipse menu of the appropriate ticket, then click Enter Time/Note.

The time entry dialog is similar to the time entry form in ConnectWise. Complete the form as follows:

  • Date: The date of the time entry. This defaults to today.
  • Overnight: Check this if the entry represents work done over midnight. This splits the work into two time entries on two days.
  • Enter time record: Check this to enter time. Clear this to create a note without entering time.
  • Mark as done: Mark your assignments to this ticket as done.
  • Ticket status: Change the ticket status in addition to entering time.
  • Work role: Set the work role.
  • Agreement: Set the agreement.
  • Start time: The start time of the entry. This is optional if you enter an Actual time value. Start time can be entered in a variety of formats, such as 2pm, 2:00 pm, or 14:00.
  • End time: The end time of the entry. The format is the same as Start time. If Start time and Actual hours are entered, no End time can be entered.
  • Hours deduct: Subtract this amount of time from what would otherwise be calculated from the other fields.
  • Actual hours: The actual amount of time in hours. If Start time and End time are entered, no Actual time can be entered.
  • Work type: Set the work type.
  • Billable: Select whether to bill or not bill this entry to the ticket's company.
  • Notes: A description of the time entry, or the contents of the note if no time entry is made. Depending on the selected options, this is also recorded in the Discussion/Internal/Resolution logs, and for time entries it can be sent to the ticket Contact, Resources, and CC records.
  • Add notes to Discussion/Internal/Resolution: Check the records that the note should be applied to in ConnectWise.
  • Contact/Resource/Cc: Select which people receive a copy of the note by email. The contact option is available when a contact with an email address is associated with the ticket. When notes are created, contact emails are sent from TopLeft instead of ConnectWise due to limitations in the ConnectWise API. Custom email templates can be used, or default templates provided by TopLeft will be used for contact emails. Changes to the CC field are saved in the ticket. Separate email addresses with a semicolon.

To create the time entry, click Save. When the time entry is created in ConnectWise, the dialog closes.

TopLeft doesn't edit or delete time entries. To change a time entry created in TopLeft, open the ticket in ConnectWise by clicking the summary of the ticket where the time entry was created. Then navigate to the Time tab to edit or delete the time entry.

Time Entry Stopwatch

A stopwatch is available in the time entry dialog to help keep track of time spent while working on a ticket. See Using Time Entry Stopwatches for more information.


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