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Is this something we install on our own server?

No. As part of the monthly fee, we provide cloud hosting for the Kanban solution.

We do offer an on-premise version for customers with special regulatory or privacy requirements.

Where is it hosted?

TopLeft service is available from four regions:

  1. US East (NYC)
  2. US West (San Francisco)
  3. Europe (Frankfurt)
  4. Asia-Pacific (Singapore)

Does TopLeft work with the Cloud version of ConnectWise Manage?

Yes, we support both the On-Premise and Cloud-Hosted versions of ConnectWise.

What version of ConnectWise do you support?

We develop and test with the latest versions of CW only. Any version from the last 12 months should be OK.

How much work is there on our side to get up this going?

Setting up the API so that we can connect should take less than 30 minutes. Next, the main task is configuring your first Kanban boards, which should only take an hour. We have kept the product super simple, so there is only a single settings page to worry about! From there, your company time will mostly be discussions with the team on how to identify bottlenecks, understand the flow of work, ticket statuses, etc…all things that will improve your service, product, and sales delivery!

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