Sync Tickets by ConnectWise Board

In order to get the latest data from ConnectWise, TopLeft performs regular ticket syncs. In some cases ConnectWise is unable to handle the amount of tickets that TopLeft asks for and the requests fail with timeout errors. To prevent timeouts from occurring, you can set TopLeft to only request tickets from a list of ConnectWise boards.

To reduce the amount of tickets that TopLeft requests from ConnectWise, follow the steps below:

  1. From any kanban board, click Admin, then Options.
  2. In the DJCONNECTWISE_API_BOARD_STATUS_FILTER field, enter the names of the ConnectWise boards, separated by commas, that you want to sync tickets from.
  3. Click save.

On the next regular sync, only tickets from the ConnectWise boards that were entered in the second step will be synced.

For more information on how TopLeft syncs data from ConnectWise, see our articles on understanding data synchronization and troubleshooting synchronization.

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