Using security groups for TopLeft Kanban boards

Security groups are available in Standard plan.

TopLeft doesn't use security group information from your PSA, but there is a way to restrict access to boards.

This feature is considered a beta option so is disabled by default. Please let us know your feedback.

Follow these steps to enable groups on Kanban boards:

  1. Enable groups in Options
    • Go to https://<YOUR TOPLEFT
    • Under the 'Security' tab, enable the SECURITY_ENABLE_BOARD_USER_GROUPS option and save
  2. Create a new group
    • Go to https://<YOUR TOPLEFT
    • Click "+ Add group" in the top right
    • Name the group and save (No permissions need to be added here, just naming it is enough)
  3. Add users to the group
    • Go to https://<YOUR TOPLEFT URL>
    • Open the user you wish to add to the group
    • In the "Permissions" section of that user, select the name of the group to move it to "Chosen Groups" (Do not modify the "User Permissions" Field)
    • Save the user
  4. Add the group to a board
    • On the board edit page, near the description at the top is a groups field.
    • Select the groups allowed to view the board.

If a board has no groups attached to it, everyone has full access to that board. Superusers ignore group rules, and can access all boards.

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