Disabling Users

To prevent a user from accessing TopLeft, do either:

  • To prevent the member from using both your PSA and TopLeft, disable the member in your PSA. The associated user account will be disabled in TopLeft.
  • To allow the member to use your PSA, but prevent him or her from accessing TopLeft, disable the user account in TopLeft. As a TopLeft administrator, click Admin in the main menu, then click Advanced Options button. At the bottom of the side menu on the left click Users. Navigate to the user's page. You can use the search function to search by username. On the user's page, under Permissions, clear the Active field and click Save.

Re-enabling a user

If a TopLeft user account is disabled (either automatically or manually) and the PSA member is later re-enabled, the user account is not automatically re-enabled in TopLeft. The account should be re-enabled manually by an administrator, following the steps as above but enabling the Active field instead of clearing it.

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