Configuring Ticket Callouts for Autotask

To complete your setup of TopLeft we advise enabling callouts to keep your ticket data as up to date as possible. Tickets will be updated in TopLeft moments after they are updated in Autotask, rather than waiting up to 5 minutes for the next sync.

There are two main stages for setting up Callouts, known in Autotask as 'Extension Callouts':

  1. Set up an Extention Callout
  2. Set up a Workflow Rule


Set up an Extension Callout

1. Open 'Extensions & Integrations' from the Admin submenu in the top left of Autotask.

2. Under the 'OTHER EXTENSIONS & TOOLS' heading, open Extension Callout (Tickets)

3. Click 'New Extension Callout'

4. Set up the Extension callout as specified here:

A - Name the callout. It can be anything, but we suggest something related to Kanban or TopLeft to keep things simple.

B - To find the callout URL, in the TopLeft main menu click Admin, then Autotask Callouts. The URL is listed on the page.

C - Set the "HTTP Transport Method" as "POST" and the "Data Format" as "Name Value Pair"

5. Save and close the Extension callout


Set up a Workflow Rule

1. Open 'Workflow Rules' from the Admin submenu in the top left of Autotask.

2. Click "New" to create a new Workflow Rule

2. Name the workflow rule anything, but we suggest something TopLeft or Kanban related. And set up the events as shown here:

3. Scroll down to the bottom of the workflow rule creation, and Select the Extension callout you just created in the "Then Execute Extension Callout" dropdown.

4. Save and close the new Workflow rule

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