Trouble Syncing with ConnectWise

TopLeft fetches lots of data from ConnectWise Manage, but sometimes things don't work as planned.

How to know if synchronization isn't working

TopLeft administrators can check the synchronization logs to see if ConnectWise is sending data as expected. Follow these steps:

  1. In the main menu, click Admin, then Sync Log. If you don't see an Admin menu, you are not an administrator in TopLeft.
  2. Review the list of past sync jobs. Here's an example:

    This shows the result of three synchronization jobs- one each for schedule entires, members, and ConnectWise service boards. It shows the overall result (success or failure), start and end time, and the number of records added, updated, and deleted during the job (all records that aren't added or deleted are counted as updated). In this example, the  icon indicates the job was successful. If a  icon is shown, it means the job failed. You can click the job's ID to see details, including a short message explaining the error.

Resolving synchronization issues

If one or more jobs have recently failed, click the job ID to see the its details, including a short message explaining the error. Review the error message for clues. Here are some common error messages and steps to resolve.

If you'd like assistance with troubleshooting, don't hesitate to ask.

Message Cause Resolution
You do not have security permission to perform this action. The security role used by the TopLeft API member doesn't have all the necessary permissions. Ensure the security role and API member are configured according to the instructions.
Incorrect public/private key The API member public or private key configured in TopLeft is incorrect. At the moment there is no method to view or change the API member keys, so submit a support ticket and let us know the correct keys to use. ConnectWise only shows the private key at the time an API member is created, so you will need to create a new set of keys and consider deleting the previous keys.
Company is not found in Login database The ConnectWise company ID configured in TopLeft is incorrect. At the moment there is no method to view or change the company ID, so submit a support ticket and let us know the correct company ID to use.
Name or service not known
Connection timed out
Connection refused
Some network or application is misbehaving. Make sure your ConnectWise Manage service is available. If it's behind a firewall that filters by IP, ensure our hosts are allowed. If you know ConnectWise is working, submit a support ticket.
The message is blank, or confusing, or isn't listed above! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Don't worry- submit a support ticket
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