Configuring Autotask Ticket Priority Colours

TopLeft shows the priority of a ticket by the colour of the bar on the left side of the card. Since tickets priority colours are not available from the Autotask API, TopLeft creates default priority colour settings based on the defaults used in the Autotask UI.

If you have set different colours or names for ticket priorities in Autotask or created additional ticket priorities, you will need to add custom priority colour settings in TopLeft for these changes to display on your TopLeft Kanban boards.

You will need the name of the priorities and the colours to use for each priority as a six digit hex code. Refer to for hex color codes.

To configure custom Autotask ticket priority colors follow the steps below:

  1. From the TopLeft main menu click Admin, then Advanced Options. (If you don't see Admin, you're not an Administrator.)

  2. In the CUSTOM_TICKET_PRIORITY_COLOURS row in Autotask Options group, enter the name of the priority and the hex colour separated by a colon.
    For example, with a priority named medium, you would enter, medium: #ff9c37. To set multiple priority colours, enter each priority name and colour pair separated by commas. For example, medium: #ff9c37, low: #24a8b0.

  3. Click Save and reload your TopLeft board to verify the priority colours are displaying correctly.

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