Dispatching tickets in ConnectWise

TopLeft can dispatch work to calendars, creating schedule entries for tickets shown on boards. To show the schedule entry dialog, click the ellipse menu of the appropriate ticket, then click Dispatch.

Complete the form as follows:

  • Member: The member you want to assign the schedule entry to.
  • Date: The date of the schedule entry. This defaults to today.
  • Start time: The start time of the schedule entry. Start time can be entered in a variety of formats, such as 2pm, 2:00 pm, or 14:00.
  • Duration: The duration of the schedule entry in hours, represented as a decimal.

When you select the member and date, TopLeft shows entries from the member's ConnectWise calendar on that date. This can help you pick a time and duration that is available for that ticket.Dispatch dialog screenshot

You can click on the day line to select the start time and duration in 15-minute increments. First, click on a box to select the start or end time. Second, click on another box to set the duration of the schedule entry. To clear the selection, click on any box.

To create the schedule entry, click Save. When the schedule entry is created in ConnectWise, the dialog closes.

The dispatch menu doesn't edit or delete schedule entries. To change a schedule entry created in TopLeft, open the ticket in ConnectWise by clicking the summary of the ticket where the schedule entry was created. Then navigate to the Schedule tab to edit or delete the schedule entry.

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