Configuring Browser Settings for Autotask

Some browsers require you to configure settings to allow Autotask pop-ups before you are able to open cards in your Autotask PSA. You can open tickets from your TopLeft Kanban board in Autotask PSA by clicking a card's summary. See Understanding Cards for more information about Kanban cards.

Autotask PSA provides full instructions on configuring settings for all supported browsers. To allow your browser to open Kanban cards in Autotask PSA, follow the instructions at .

You should also allow your TopLeft site to open pop-ups, in one of these two ways:

  • Click a card title to attempt to open a pop-up, and follow the options shown in your browser to always allow your TopLeft site to open pop-ups.
  • Follow these instructions for your browser to add your TopLeft site (i.e. to the list of permitted sites.
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