Creating Notes - Autotask

Note creation is available in Standard plan.

To add a note to a Ticket or Task from in TopLeft,  click the ellipses menu item on a card "Enter Note".

This will open the "Enter Note" Dialog. 

Fill out the 4 fields:

  • Title
  • Note Type - Select from "Task Summary", "Task Detail", and "Task Notes"
  • Description
  • Internal Only - Select this to make the note internal
  • Notify contact - The notify contact option is available when a contact with an email address is associated with the ticket. Contact emails are sent from TopLeft and not from Autotask due to limitations in the Autotask APIs.

Click Save to add the note to the Ticket or Task.

The note will appear as created by the API Resource created for TopLeft. The creator of the note will be appended to the note description when created in TopLeft.


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