Cards Don't Appear on Board

You may find that a card you expect to see in a certain column is missing. There can be a few reasons for this. Review the causes below and see if any apply.

If after reviewing the problems below you still can't see an expected card on a board, please submit a support ticket and let us know an example of two or three tickets or opportunities you expect to see in specific columns. For example, tell us that you expect ticket # 12345 to appear on the board named "Windows Team" and column named "In Progress".

Kanban board isn't configured to show the card

There are two ways that TopLeft boards select which cards appear:

  1. Card filters: boards can filter cards on a variety of properties, including assigned technicians, owner, inside representative, company, project, and priority. If a card doesn't match each configured filter, then it will not appear on the board.
  2. Column statuses: Card statuses are mapped to columns, but it's not required that every status is mapped to a column. If a card has a status that isn't assigned to a column, then it will not appear on the board, even if the card does match the board filters. (For ConnectWise opportunities: stages are mapped to columns, not opportunity statuses.)

A special case of (1) can occur when a Resource or Sales Rep filter is used and a new team member joins the organization. If you have boards filtered by Resource or Sales Rep, you need to add the new member to the selected filter before his or her tickets appear on the board.

For details on how to set up boards, visit Adding and Editing TopLeft Kanban Boards.

Assigned member is not licensed

Cards are shown when they are unassigned or when they are assigned to at least one licensed member. If a card doesn't appear as expected, it might not be assigned to any licensed member.

As an administrator you can view the list of licensed users by clicking Admin in the main menu, then Licensing.

Card is in a status/stage marked as closed

Ticket statuses in ConnectWise Manage can be set as closed, indicating that the ticket is completely finished. A ticket in such a status is considered closed, even if the name of the status isn't "Closed". Sales opportunities have a similar property for their stages.

By default, TopLeft does not download or display tickets or opportunities in statuses/stages marked as closed. This is for a couple of reasons:

  1. Kanban is intended to help visualize in-progress and upcoming work, not to track completed work
  2. Many ConnectWise instances have hundreds of thousands of closed tickets, and downloading and maintaining TopLeft's cached copies would take a lot of resources for both TopLeft and the target ConnectWise

TopLeft can optionally be configured to sync tickets in closed statuses. In order to sync closed tickets and control how long TopLeft keeps closed tickets, follow the instructions in our documentation.

ConnectWise boards have changed and Kanban boards are out of date

Column status mappings are configured when the TopLeft board is saved. However, the configuration can become out of date if changes are made to ConnectWise service boards. For example, suppose you have three ConnectWise service boards, each of which has a ticket status called "In Progress". To assign "In Progress" tickets to a column, TopLeft references the three boards with "In Progress" statuses when the board is saved. If you add a fourth ConnectWise service board, also with an "In Progress" status, that status will not automatically be included in the board's column status configuration.

To resolve this, edit the affected boards and re-save each one without making any changes. This updates the status mappings with the latest ConnectWise data.

This issue is not applicable to sales boards or to Autotask boards.

Data synchronization is delayed

If you don't see cards where you expect them, it could be that data is not being synchronized with your ConnectWise instance as quickly as normal. Please review the data synchronization documentation and if you still suspect an issue, refer to Trouble Syncing with ConnectWise.

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