Audit changes made in TopLeft sent to your PSA

Audit log is available in Standard plan.

TopLeft has an audit log to view a log of changes made to cards. Since TopLeft makes changes as an API user, all changes appear in your PSA as being made by this API user. The audit log allows you to trace back which user made a change, added a note, created a time entry, and so on. Only Administrators in TopLeft can access the audit log. To view the log, click Admin in the navbar and click Audit Log button. 

The list of records will be displayed with:

  • The Record Type
  • The Record ID
  • The User that made the change in TopLeft
  • A short description of the change, with the old and new data if available
  • The time the change occurred

You can search the records by Type, Record ID, and username. Click the header of each column to sort by that column's data.

On the right side of the list there is a filter to to select records by record type.


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