Trouble Updating Autotask Task with Allocation Code

If an Autotask project task does not have a work type assigned, and you try to update the task's status from TopLeft, you might see the following error message:

AllocationCodeID is a required field when a resource (primary/secondary) is assigned to a Task

The Autotask API calls a task's "Work Type" it's "AllocationCode". Autotask only requires tasks to have a Work Type or AllocationCode selected when the task has a primary or secondary resource assigned.


The quickest way to resolve this is to open the task in Autotask and change it's status directly.


To allow a task's status to be changed from TopLeft, follow the steps below.

  1. Click the card's title to open the task in Autotask.

  2. Scroll to the Work Type field and select a Work Type from the menu.

  3. Click save.

  4. Wait for Autotask to send TopLeft the updated project task. This might take a few moments. After the task is updated you will be able to change the task's status in TopLeft.


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