Synchronizing Data Manually

TopLeft synchronizes data with your PSA in a few ways. In addition to real-time notifications and periodic syncs, administrators can also run syncs manually. This allows you to make changes to your PSA configuration or operational data and synchronize the changed data to TopLeft without having to wait for a periodic data sync to run.

To run a manual sync in TopLeft, complete the following steps:

  1. From any board, click Admin in the main menu, then click Force Synchronization button. (If you don't see Admin, you're not an Administrator.)
  2. Select the type of synchronization to run.
  3. Click Synchronize to start the sync job.
  4. View the progress of your request by clicking "synchronization jobs" or visiting the sync log page from the Admin menu.

See Understanding Data Synchronization, for more information on synchronization to TopLeft.

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