Using Time Entry Stopwatches

Timers are available in Standard plan.

To make time tracking and time entry easier, TopLeft provides stopwatches on Kanban cards and in the time entry dialog.

Click the stopwatch's start button to start counting time towards work on a ticket. Press pause to stop the clock and start to resume it. When work is complete on the ticket, click the record button to open the time entry dialog. When the time entry dialog is opened, the form will be populated with the start time, end time and worked hours recorded by the stopwatch.

Stopwatch Controls

Start Starts running the stopwatch timer.

Pauses the running stopwatch timer. When the stopwatch is paused, any time on the clock is saved so that the time entry dialog can be closed and re-opened without clearing the time on the clock.

Record Pressing the record button sets the start time, end time, worked hours in the time entry form. Once a time entry has been submitted any time on the stopwatch is cleared.

Clears the stopwatch of any elapsed time. Time is reset to 00:00:00.


Using the Stopwatch on Cards and in the Time Entry Dialog


The behaviour of stopwatches on cards is as follows:

  • Hover over a card to display the card's stopwatch. Cards with a paused stopwatch display the time on the clock without hovering over the card.
  • Click start to run the stopwatch.
  • When a stopwatch is running, clicking start on another card's timer will pause the currently running stopwatch and start the new card's stopwatch.
  • Click record to open the time entry dialog. If the stopwatch has time on the clock, the time entry form will be filled with the recorded time from the stopwatch. If the stopwatch is running and the record button is clicked, the time entry dialog is opened with its stopwatch running.
  • When a stopwatch is running, and record is clicked on another card, the currently running stopwatch is paused, and the dialog opened for the other card.
  • Click the reset button to clear all time on the stopwatch.
  • When running the stopwatch in the time entry dialog, click record to pause and fill the start and end times and worked hours field.

Stopwatches do not appear on cards when resource swimlanes are used unless cards are filtered to a single resource or the expanded column view is being used.

Scrolling to Cards with a Started Stopwatch

In order to help locate paused or running timers on your board, TopLeft displays a stopwatch icon in the navigation bar when there are cards on the board with time on the clock. Click the icon to highlight and scroll to each card with time on its timer.


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