Configuring ConnectWise Contact Emails

In TopLeft, technicians can send notes and time entries to ticket contacts. Time entries are sent via your ConnectWise server, but due to limitations in the ConnectWise API, notes are sent from TopLeft and not from ConnectWise.

To use the contact emails feature, ensure that the contact communication sync option is enabled. For information on disabling the contact communication sync, see this page.

You must be an administrator to configure the contact emails setting. From any board, click Admin and click Email Connectors button.

Complete the form as follows:

  • ConnectWise board: ConnectWise board name
  • Reply-to email: Reply-to address¬†for each ConnectWise board
  • From name: From name for each ConnectWise board

To configure custom email templates click Admin from the top bar and click Contact Emails button.

Complete the form as follows:

  • Note notification subject: Customized template for note messages subjects sent to contacts
  • Note notification template (HTML): Customized template for note messages sent to contacts (HTML)
  • Note notification template (text): Customized template for note messages sent to contacts (text)

When both formats of template fields are empty, the default templates provided by TopLeft are used, and contact emails are sent both in HTML and text format. If one of these fields is filled, the default template is not used, and only the provided custom template will be used. For example, when 'Note notification template (HTML)' is filled and 'Note notification template (text)' is empty, contact emails are sent only in HTML format.

The available template tags for the above form fields are as follows:

Tag Description
[actualhours] Actual Hours entered against the record
[agrname] Agreement Name
[agrtype] Agreement Type
[budgethours] Budget Hours set on the record
[companyaddressline1] Company Address Line1
[companyaddressline2] Company Address Line2
[companyaddresslong] Company Address
[companycitytown] Company City/Town
[companycountry] Company Country
[companyfax] Company Fax Number
[companyid] Company ID
[companymarket] Company Market
[companyname] Company Name
[companyphone] Company Phone Number
[companypostalcode] Company Postal Code
[companyrecordid] Company Record ID
[companystateprovince] Company State/Province
[companyterritory] Company Territory
[companytype] Company Type
[contactemail] Contact Email
[contactfax] Contact Fax
[contactfirstname] Contact First Name
[contactlastname] Contact Last Name
[contactphone] Contact Phone
[contactphoneext] Contact Phone Ext
[contactrecordid] Contact Record ID
[contacttitle] Contact Title
[currentday] Current Day
[currentmonth] Current Month
[currentyear] Current Year
[lastupdateddiscussion] Latest Note
[lastupdateddiscussionformatted] Latest Note
[memberfirstname] Member First Name
[memberid] Member ID
[memberlastname] Member Last Name
[projectenddate] Project Est. End Date
[projectmanager] Project Manager
[projectname] Project Name
[projectnumber] Project Number
[projectstartdate] Project Est. Start Date
[projectstatus] Project Status
[projecttype] Project Type
[srboard] Service Board
[srdetail] Service Ticket Detail Description
[srdetailformatted] Service Ticket Detail Description with new notes formatting
[sritem] Service Item
[srnextscheduledate] Service Ticket Next Scheduled Date
[srnextscheduleresource] Service Ticket Next Scheduled Resource
[srnextscheduletime] Service Ticket Next Scheduled Time
[srnumber] Service Ticket #
[srpriority] Service Priority
[srresolution] Service Ticket Resolution
[srresolutionformatted] Service Ticket Resolution with new notes formatting
[srsource] Service Source
[srstatus] Service Ticket Status
[srsubtype] Service Subtype
[srsummary] Service Ticket Summary Line
[srtype] Service Type
[statuschangedfirstname] First Name of member who changed the status
[statuschangedlastname] Last Name of member who changed the status
[statuschangedmemberid] Member ID of member who changed the status
[ticketowner] Ticket Owner
[timeentrynotes] Time Entry Notes


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