Using Client Portal

TopLeft offers a client portal function that gives your clients self-serve access to Kanban boards.

Why would you want to give a client their own access to Kanban? Check out our web page about it.

Client Portal works for these types of Kanban boards:

  1. ConnectWise ticket boards (service and project tickets)
  2. Autotask task boards and ticket boards

Client Portal is available in two modes:

  1. Via the regular web app. In this mode, access is granted via the company/account records and their contact records already in your PSA.
  2. Via CloudRadial. In this mode, access is granted via the company/account records and for a licensed company, all contacts who can use CloudRadial can use the Client Portal.

Clients are always restricted to only see records that correspond to their company or to their own contact. You do not need to set up separate boards for each licensed company. When you view a Kanban board as a TopLeft user, you will see records for multiple companies, but the clients will not.

Client users are limited in functionality. These functions are hidden from contacts:

  1. Adding filters
  2. Showing the statuses assigned to columns
  3. Viewing dialogs that edit a record, such as the Edit Ticket/Task or Time Entry dialogs.

Using Client Portal

To share your Kanban boards with clients, follow the steps below.

  1. Purchase Client Portal licenses
  2. Assign licenses to companies/accounts
  3. Set up Kanban boards for clients
  4. Invite users or set up CloudRadial access
  5. Set up branding (optional)

Each of these steps is described below.

Purchase Licenses

Client Portal is a paid add-on for TopLeft subscribers. For pricing, see the web page.

Each client company using Client Portal needs a license. For each licensed company, there's no limit to the number of people who can have access to TopLeft.

To purchase Client Portal company licenses, do this:

  1. In the main menu click the gear icon to go to the administration area
  2. Click Manage Subscription.
  3. Click Edit.
  4. Change the number of client portal licenses and click Continue to review the payment.

Select Licensed Companies

To view Kanban boards, your client companies must be licensed.

To manage licensed companies, do this:

  1. In the main menu click the gear icon to go to the administration area.
  2. Under Users, click Client Portal.
  3. In the Companies field, type the name of a company you want to license. When it appears in the search, click to select it.

To remove the license for a company, click the X beside its name in the Companies list.

You can change licensed companies at any time.

If you remove a company's license, then restore their license, the invited users from that company are maintained. You don't need to invite their users again.

Make Kanban Boards for Clients

You can give clients access to any Kanban board. We recommend you make Kanban boards dedicated to sharing with clients, not shared with your managers and technicians, because you'll want to set them up in special ways. For example, you might want to show fewer details on the cards, disable WIP limits, or omit certain columns compared to your usual Kanban boards.

To let clients view a Kanban board, do this:

  1. Create or edit a Kanban board
  2. Go to the Portal tab
  3. Enable the Client portal option
  4. Choose what contacts can do on the board:
    1. Show notes and time entries: Enable this option if you want contacts to be able to view notes and time entries. Internal notes are not shown even if this option is enabled.
    2. Contact can add notes: When a client adds a note to a ticket or task, an email is sent to all members assigned to the ticket or task. In ConnectWise, it also sets the client responded field on the ticket.
    3. Card visibility: choose which cards will appear to a client- either any cards assigned to the client's company (typical for project use) or only cards assigned directly to the client (typical for service use).
    4. Contact can drag cards: Permit a contact to drag and drop cards between columns and within a column. Dragging is not permitted between swimlanes. When a client moves a card, an email is sent to all members assigned to the ticket or task. In ConnectWise, it also sets the client responded field on the ticket.
    5. Show project/phase time and budget summary: When using project or phase swimlanes, show the time and budget information in swimlane headers. Disable this field to hide this information from contacts.
  5. If you want to restrict the board to a specific set of companies, select the companies in the Company Access field. When no companies are selected in this field, contacts from any licensed company can use this board.
  6. Save the board.

Manage Users

This step is necessary for contacts to use Client Portal in the regular web app. This step is not necessary to use the CloudRadial integration because all the contacts who can use CloudRadial can use the TopLeft integration.

From a licensed company, there is no limit to the number of contacts you can invite to use TopLeft.

To invite or remove a user, do this:

  1. Ensure the person has a contact record in your PSA.
  2. In the administration area of the app, click Client Portal.
  3. Under Company, ensure the contact's company is licensed.
  4. Under Contacts, select the contact's company. The contacts for the company are shown.
  5. Beside the contact's name, click Invite. The contact is sent an email with an invitation to set their password and then log in. If the contact has already been invited, you can click Resend Invitation.
  6. To prevent a user from accessing TopLeft, click the Remove button beside their name.

In the main menu, in the list of Kanban boards, contacts can only see the boards to which they have access.

Contacts manage their password and 2-Factor Authentication methods in the same way your own managers and technicians do.

Viewing Boards as a User

When you make a Kanban board for Client Portal, it's helpful to be able to see how the board appears to a user. You can see how a board looks to a user by following these steps:

  1. Set up a client portal board
  2. Go to the Client Portal settings page
  3. Under Contacts, select the company of the user who you want to view the board as
  4. In the user list, find the user and click the View As button
  5. You are shown a client portal Kanban board as it would appear to the user. Interactive functions such as adding notes and dragging cards are not available for you. If multiple boards are available to the user, you can view them by following the links in the main menu.
  6. To return to the settings page, click the Exit button in the main menu.

Set Up Branding

You can customize the logos that appear on the login screen, main menu, and tab icon.

To customize logos, do this:

  1. Click the gear icon in the main menu to go to the administration area.
  2. Under Customization click Branding.
  3. There are three logos you can update. Click the Browse button to upload files from your computer.
  4. Click Save.



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